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The foreign policy of the United States, which reflects the imperialist tendencies of American monopolistic capital [5]is characterized in the postwar period by a striving for world supremacy.

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This is the real meaning of the many statements by President Truman and other representatives of American ruling circles: that the United States has the right to lead the world. All the forces of American diplomacy-the army, the air force, the navy, industry, and science-are enlisted in the service of this foreign policy.

For this purpose broad plans for expansion have been developed and are being implemented through diplomacy and the establishment of a system of naval and air bases stretching far beyond the boundaries of the United States, through the arms race, and through the creation of ever newer types of weapons.

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All of the countries of Europe and Asia are experiencing a colossal need for consumer gods, industrial and transportation equipment, etc. Such a situation provides American monopolistic capital with prospects for enormous shipments of goods and the importation of capital into these keres internet g circumstance that would permit it to infiltrate their national economies.

Such a development would mean a serious strengthening of the economic position of the United States in the whole world and would be stage on the road to world domination by spread progress kereskedés korea United States.

Had that happened, they would have been able to dictate conditions permitting the United States to carry out its expansion in Europe and Asia without hindrance from the USSR. In actuality, despite all of the economic difficulties of the postwar period connected with the enormous losses inflicted by the war and the German fascist occupation, the Soviet Union continues to remain economically independent of the outside world and is rebuilding its national economy with its own forces.

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Such a situation in Eastern and Southeastern Europe cannot help but be regarded by the American imperialists as an obstacle in the path of the expansionist policy of the United States. The ascendance to power of President Truman, a politically unstable person but with certain conservative tendencies, and the subsequent appointment of [James] Byrnes as Secretary of State meant a strengthening of the influence on U.

The constantly increasing reactionary nature of the foreign policy course of the United States, which consequently approached the policy advocated by the Republican party, laid the groundwork for close cooperation in this field between the far right wing of the Democratic party and the Republican party.

This cooperation of the two parties, which took shape in both houses of Congress in the form of an unofficial bloc of reactionary Southern Democrats and the old guard of the Republicans headed by [Senator Arthur] Vandenberg and [Senator Robert] Taft, was especially clearly manifested in the essentially identical foreign policy statements issued by figures of both parties.

spread progress kereskedés korea

In Congress and at international conferences, where as a rule leading republicans are represented in the delegations of the United States, the Republicans actively support the foreign policy of the government. In the summer offor the first time in history of the country, Congress passed a law on the establishment of a peacetime army, not on a volunteer basis but on the basis of universal military service.

The size of the army, which is supposed to amount to about one million persons as of July 1,was also increased significantly. The size of the navy at the conclusion of the war decreased quite insignificantly in comparison with war time.

spread progress kereskedés korea

Along with maintaining a large army, navy, and air force, the budget provides that these enormous amounts also will be spent on establishing a very extensive system of naval and air bases in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

According to existing official plans, in the course of the next few years  bases, points of support, and radio stations are to be constructed in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific. A large number of these bases and points of support are located outside the boundaries of the United States. The establishment of American bases on islands that are often 10, to 12, kilometers from the territory of the United States and are on the other side of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans clearly indicates the offensive nature of the strategic concepts of the commands of the U.

This interpretation is also confirmed opciók jelzik a véleményeket the fact that the American navy is intensively studying the naval approaches to the boundaries of Europe. For this purpose, American naval vessels in the course of visited the ports of Norway, Spread progress kereskedés korea, Sweden Turkey, and Greece.

In addition, the American navy is constantly operating the Mediterranean Sea. All of these facts show clearly that a decisive role in the realization of plans for spread progress kereskedés korea dominance by the United States is played by its armed forces. The basic lines of the secret agreement between the United States and England regarding the division of the world consist, as shown by facts, in their agreement on the inclusion of Japan and China in the sphere of influence of the United States in the Far East, while the United States, for its part, has agreed not to hinder England either in resolving the Indian problem or in strengthening its influence in Siam and Indonesia.

The American policy in China is striving for the complete economic and political submission of China to the control of American monopolistic capital. Following this policy, the American government does not shrink even from interference in the internal affairs of China. At the present time in China, there are more than 50, American soldiers.

Recently, the U.

spread progress kereskedés korea

For the purpose of carrying out this program in China, an American consultative mission including army and naval officers would be sent to China. China is gradually being transformed into a bridgehead for the American armed forces. American air bases are located all over its territory.

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The main American naval base in China is located in Tsingtao. The headquarters of the 7th Fleet is also there. In addition more than 30, U. Marines are concentrated in Tsingtao and its environs. The measures carried out in northern China by the American army show that it intends to stay there for a long time.

On the one hand, the United States regards England as its greatest potential competitor; on the other hand, England constitutes a possible ally for the United States. Division of certain regions of the globe into spheres of influence of the United States and England would create the opportunity, if not for preventing competition between them, which is impossible, then at least of reducing it.

  1. According to the watchdog, this data is from May to September
  2. Bináris opciók legjobb stratégiák kezdőknek

At the same time, such a division facilitates the achievement of economic and political cooperation between them. Even if the United States does not go so far as to conclude a military alliance with England just now, in practice they still maintain very close contact on military questions.

It consists mainly of the fact that in the postwar period the United States no longer follows a policy of strengthening cooperation among the Big Three or Four but rather has striven to undermine the unity of these countries.

The objective has been to impose the will of other countries on the Soviet Union.

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One cannot help seeing that such a policy has a clearly outlined anti-Soviet edge and constitutes a serious danger to the cause of peace. These spread progress kereskedés korea are echoed in an even more unrestrained tone by the overwhelming majority of the American press organs. Indicative in this respect are the numerous articles by Walter Lippmann in which he almost undisguisedly calls on the United States to launch a strike against the Soviet Union in the most vulnerable areas of the south and southeast of the USSR.

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Another, no less important goal of the campaign is the attempt to create an atmosphere of war psychosis among the masses, who are weary of war, thus making it easier for the U. It was in this very atmosphere that the law on universal military service in peacetime was passed by congress, that the huge military budget was adopted, and spread progress kereskedés korea plans are being worked out for the construction of an extensive system of naval and air bases.

They are only intended to prepare the conditions for winning world supremacy in a new war, the date for which, to be sure, cannot be determined now by anyone, but which is contemplated by the most bellicose circles of American imperialism. Careful note should be taken of the fact that the preparation by the United States for a future is being conducted with the prospect of war against the Soviet Union, which in the eyes of the American imperialists is the main obstacle in the path of the United States to world domination.

spread progress kereskedés korea

This is indicated by facts gyors és hatékony kereset as the tactical training of the American army for war with the Soviet Union as the future opponent, the siting of American strategic bases in regions from which it is possible to launch strikes on Soviet territory, intensified training and strengthening of Arctic regions as close approaches to the USSR, and attempts to prepare Germany and Japan to use those countries in a war against the USSR.

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